Affordable Insurance for Arizona Students


For the growing number of families who are without  insurance,  our plans  will act as your primary insurance and we will pay up to our maximum stated benefits towards your claim.    
      For those families who do have insurance, but are  paying  a high deductible in order to keep monthly premium  costs down,  our plans can reimburse you for your children's eligible medical expenses as you continue to work toward meeting your deductible.

With At-School, 24-Hour, Summer Only, and Football coverages, we have an accident plan that fits your child’s needs.  Each plan is offered  with  high or low option benefits, and a one time yearly premium .

    Accidental dental coverage for injury to sound, natural teeth is included in all of the above plans. 

    A variety of blanket coverages are available for District’s to purchase for their students.  All school, athletics only, field trips, work –based learning programs, head start, ROTC, band, camps, and catastrophic coverages, are all available.  (See forms tab to purchase blanket coverages.)

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